B flat minor ninth

music notation
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Equivalent chord symbols: A♯m9, Fm6+4, A♯m7+2, B♭m7+2, C♯6+♭1, D♭6+♭1.

Notes in this chord: B♭, D♭, F, A♭, C. Integer notation: {0, 1, 5, 8, 10}.

Keys in which this chord fits with this spelling: D♭M, A♭M, Fm, B♭m

Keys in which this chord fits with enharmonic spelling: C♯M, G♯M, E♯m, A♯m

Nearby chords (one less note): D♭6, Fm+4, A♭4+2, B♭m+2, D♭+♭1.

Nearby chords (one more note): B♭m11, A♭13-5, B♭9+♯2, E♭13-1, B♭m9+♯1, B♭m11♯11, F+4+♯2+♯5.

Parallel chords (same structure, different root): Cm9, Dm9, Em9, Fm9, Gm9, Am9, Bm9, C♭m9, D♭m9, E♭m9, F♭m9, G♭m9, A♭m9, C♯m9, D♯m9, E♯m9, F♯m9, G♯m9, A♯m9, B♯m9.

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