key of G flat minor

music notation
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Notes in this key: G♭, A♭, B♭♭, C♭, D♭, E♭♭, F♭. Integer notation: {1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11}.

This key signature contains no natural notes. Such keys are rarely used in written music, usually being replaced by their enharmonic equivalents. Enharmonic equivalent: F♯m. Parallel major: G♭M. Relative major: B♭♭M (not in database; use enharmonic substitute AM).

Dominant: D♭m. Subdominant: C♭m.

Basic triads in this key (with enharmonic substitutes for double sharp and double flat roots):


All database chords in this key: F♭, NC, A♭1, C♭1, C♭2, C♭5, C♭m, D♭1, D♭5, D♭m, F♭1, F♭2, F♭3, F♭4, F♭5, F♭6, F♭7, F♭9, G♭1, G♭2, G♭5, G♭m, A♭m4, C♭m3, C♭m4, C♭m7, C♭m9, D♭m3, D♭m4, D♭m6, F♭+2, F♭+4, F♭-1, F♭11, F♭13, G♭m3, G♭m4, G♭m6, G♭m7, G♭m9, A♭2♭2, A♭5♭5, A♭dim, C♭1+7, C♭2+7, C♭5+2, C♭6-3, C♭m+2, C♭m+4, C♭m11, D♭2♭2, D♭m+4, F♭1+4, F♭1+7, F♭2+7, F♭3+2, F♭3+7, F♭4+2, F♭4+7, F♭5+2, F♭5+4, F♭6+2, F♭6+4, F♭6-3, F♭7+4, F♭7+6, F♭9+6, F♭9-1, F♭9-5, G♭5+2, G♭m+2, G♭m+4, G♭m11, C♭11-3, C♭m3+7, C♭m4+2, C♭m4+7, D♭5+♭2, D♭m+♭2, F♭+2+4, F♭-1+4, F♭11-1, F♭11-3, F♭11-5, F♭13-1, F♭13-5, F♭13-9, G♭m3+7, G♭m4+2, G♭m6+2, G♭m7+6, A♭dim+4, C♭2+6+7, C♭m+2+4, C♭m11-5, F♭1+6+7, F♭2+6+7, G♭m+2+4, A♭dim+♭2, C♭11-3-5, C♭sus4+2, F♭11-3-5, F♭sus4+2, G♭sus4+2, D♭sus4+♭2, A♭sus2♭2♭5.