B sharp dominant thirteenth, sharp fifth, sharp ninth

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Equivalent chord symbols: C13♯5♯9, F11♯9+♯7, F11♯9+♭1, E♯11♯9+♯7, E♯11♯9+♭1, FM11♯9+♯6.

Notes in this chord: B♯, D♯♯, F♯♯♯, A♯, C♯♯♯, E♯, G♯♯. Integer notation: {0, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10}. We cannot generate standard notation or guitar charts for this chord in its true spelling because it contains triple sharps or triple flats. Use one of the equivalent chord symbols above instead.

Nearby chords (one less note): F11♯9, FM11♯9, C11♯5♯9, F7+4+♯7, A♭6+♯1+♯5, C13♯5♯9-1, A♭+2+♯1+♯5.

Nearby chords (one more note): C13♯5+♯2, C13♯9+♯5, C13♯5♯9+♯1, C13♯5♯9+♯4, C13♯5♯9+♯7.

Parallel chords (same structure, different root): C13♯5♯9, D13♯5♯9, E13♯5♯9, F13♯5♯9, G13♯5♯9, A13♯5♯9, B13♯5♯9, C♭13♯5♯9, D♭13♯5♯9, E♭13♯5♯9, F♭13♯5♯9, G♭13♯5♯9, A♭13♯5♯9, B♭13♯5♯9, C♯13♯5♯9, D♯13♯5♯9, E♯13♯5♯9, F♯13♯5♯9, G♯13♯5♯9, A♯13♯5♯9.